Why Do We Crave What Is Bad For Us?

If something is delicious it needs to be fattening right? Take any list of our favourite foods, and we'll see that most of the foods will be not be the healthiest options. We instinctively want food that is not good for us – it's often unsafe. It lacks nutrition value, and doesn't even fill us up - but we keep going back. Why DO we crave foods that are bad for us?

I think we can all agree that there is a certain appeal to foods that are not really healthy. The allure is not always in the way the food actually tastes, but in the convinience factor. For example, if you're at a football game, 
you'll be tempted by pizza, burgers, hot dogs and other yummy fast-food that your waistline and hips won't thank you for!  Something as simple as the way a food smells can make us crave it. Whose mouth doesn't start watering at the smell of fried onions for example?

We also just crave unhealthy food simply because it's easy, uncomplicated and it just tastes good. But what we need to do, is create a situation where we find healthy options that are just as easy, tasty and simple to prepare. Sometimes the best option in this case is a delicious sandwich. Try using whole grain wrap or sourdough bread, some healthy fats like avocados, and lots of fresh veggies with a little seasoning. 
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